Meet the Artist  

I was born ... I grew up ... &, now I live.  blah!

What else is there to know?...

I am self-taught. I have to paint for my sanity. I mostly only drew since I was a child. But, when I tried Photoshop and digital painting, I was hooked instantly.

A lot of my inspiration comes from my wild dreams. I like to read (when I find time); though, I tend to stray from the Fantasy genre. Instead, I like intense, gritty stories, but with vivid images that inspire me. I enjoy stuff that transforms everyday things into something strange- sometimes magical - sometimes horrifying.

When I am not painting, I like to Hoop Dance. This beautiful movement art, helps me focus. It can also be an intense exercise. This is how I stay in shape since I pose for most of my female characters. The flow also allows thoughts hidden under the surface to bubble up.

Cartoon Self-Portrait